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Spectrum Solutions is a marketing organisation 

operating across Indian subcontinent through

its diversified marketing channels, ethically as 

well as digitally

Its the first organisation to adopt segmentation

We are backed up with all the technical support 

Our organisation has expertise in marketing of

FMCG, Herbal and Ayurvedic products. it has also

started a new venture into leather products for

which a new division has been created. 

 marketing strategy on PAN India le

and have protracted market experie

vel utilizing all its existing marketing networks.

nce, that visible in our performance standards

This organisation can be dignified as a new face of its veteran marketing firm operating in Bangalore, due to which the experience and skill required for the job of over country marketing is possessed by our organisation thoroughly through our roots.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


  • We at Spectrum have a commitment of providing quality of life to every customer through our products, we want to spread joy among the masses for which continuous efforts are conducted from our side.

  • As an organisation we are pioneers in manufacturing and promoting various category of products in different fields. We also promote third party manufacturers and their products as well as enhance their marketing strategies. Our commitment towards quality reflect in our actions.

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) are quickly selling products because of high consumer demand due to their nature and the purpose they serve in our lives. Hence we have advanced for wielding the highly aspirational motives enticing PAN India marketing at an extensive and advantageous scale.

  • We are prominent marketer and promoters of Herbal Products that are used for treating various skin and body related ailments as well as we also deal in Ayurvedic Extracts. Ayurveda is ancient India’s gift to the modern world, so we strive to provide this gift to everyone in today’s busy world.

  • Our Mission is to give the best innovative quality products and services to everyone under the sun. To prevent and alleviate the sufferings of human’s life by creating value for them and to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world. Our vision is to become a symbol of excellence in the market and establish a relationship with our customers & partners that is everlasting and equally fruitful in nature. We strive to make continuous efforts and overcome all the barriers that are ever present on the way towards success.

  • Spectrum Solutions have been using the sophisticated and modern technologies since it’s inception. It has highly standardized Sales & Marketing Team, HR and Quality Assurance people to monitor the best Quality Products and services. We have taken the challenges to shape the society in the best, healthy and hygienic manner. Our Global Marketing includes various marketing strategies that help people get engaged into our prevalent exposures which in turn also helps promoting other brands providing quality leadership skills. 

We have these divisions operating under our jurisdiction, providing PAN India operations