We at this providential conglomerate aspire to entail the traits  of a triumphant  organisation that trails to consummate  paramount  success  in this estimable  fast moving market . To Transpire  aloft  is the prime directive embedded in our  operatives.

Prop,​ Managing Director
Mr Vinod Ayachit


"The world has changed, so have we... or so we thought", during and where after the pandemic we find ourselves somewhere we never thought of being present, in the abyss of crises and looming madhouse of failures and distress. Although as we know "Phoenix rises from the ashes" and so will we once more to resort over all our failures as to conquer  the sales scenario in the present day recovering market and reach higher than we have ever been before.

We would like to say at the outset that nothing will stop us from aspiring and rising higher to stages of glory that have been left untouched by the not so frequent travelers embarking on the roads frequently taken. This is what makes us resilient, different and kinetic in this ever moving and ever changing market.

Mba (finance & marketing) Mcs (I.B)


Through the illuminated skyline its our providential outlook to consummate success via exhilarating working schedule and unhinged conviction on point till our mark is established over the horizon. Until then its our preeminent fidelity to fabricate exemplary products in a manner that they set the benchmarks standards.


At our core the rudimentary fundamental being predominately followed is to generate productivity concomitantly without omission and deliver results in the best form possible. 


To accomplish such a tremendous task all the dedication and sincerity is required to be kept at par of the contentions in order to stay ahead and contemplate for far side success. 

​Director Marketing, operations & finance 
Mr Sunil Sharma
Bsc (Biology), MMM, Research scholar (Management)
Community Member (SIMS), Phd (Management)


Sales, the word is niche although has a world assimilated inside its epicenter waiting patiently for some brave souls to enter and explore. This world has positive moments that bless the souls with enlightenment and illuminate their core selves with the true meaning of selflessness and dedication. Furthermore also has some negative moments that not only cripple the compliance capacity of the soul but also decrease its capabilities through treacherous  and relentless barriers. 

Hence to be successful in such a decorated scenario one has to be capable enough to transpire beyond boundaries with the bare minimum resources at hand as to recreate a proliferated horizon of constant target fulfillment and instantaneous appreciation of fully utilized potential.

Director distribution (PAN INDIA & International) 
Mr. M. Lavangre 
Consultant for prominent firms (National & International)
Corporate mail :- sales@spectrumsolutionsindia.com


Its easy to say that transportation and logistics is patently the backbone of any sales operation, although to say & to do are two contrasting  roads running parallel in different directions.  Hence to accomplish the dedicated goal any organisation must be passionately poised to actuate any opportunity that comes it way as to facilitate its growth and create its name.

Once transport is handled, lodging & warehousing comes in play. To tackle the horrendous challenges involved one has to incline a pragmatic outlook towards any onerous and be adamant towards the fulfillment of their desired intent.

To become a stockist for any company means to engulf and amalgamate the core qualities and characters of that particular organisation to such an extent that the ideologies are omnified which results in proper channel sale management.

Hence it becomes very clear that all the activities in channel sales 

have impeccable impact over one other in every sense.